A Ridiculously Fun Event

Bubble Balls are a fun way to smash your friends without any hard feelings. You’re guaranteed to be laughing while playing, and while watching. Bubble Balls Suits provide a fun, and safe experience that takes social events to the next level of fun. They’re perfect for youth groups, birthday parties, corporate events, fundraisers, and social gatherings.

How It Works

You choose a date, time, and location, and we bring the Bubble Balls and run the event. They can be used indoors, or outdoors. Besides just knocking’ each other over, there’s multiple games that are played with Bubble Ball Suits:

  • Bubble Soccer : Indoor or outdoor soccer without a goalie, played in teams of 3-to-5. The best way of playing soccer without running for miles.
  • Sharks & Minnows:  One player, the Shark, starts off in the center circle of the field while all the others, the Minnows, start at one end. The objective of a Minnow is to be the last person who does not get knocked over and makes it to the safe zone. 
  • Sumo Smash: A straightforward game where two players must enter into a ring with their inflatable bubbles. Players have to try to force the other party out of the ring in order to win.

Outdoor Hosting Options

City Parks:

Indoor Hosting Options

Indoor Rec Areas:

  • Churches: I recommend calling all the local churches and ask to rent their indoor gym/rec area.
  • Ignite Sports & Fitness - Waukee, Iowa
  • Public Schools - Call and ask them to rent out one of their elementary gyms for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
  • MVP Sports Complex - Des Moines, Iowa
  • Sports Iowa - Ames, IA
  • GymSpace - Waukee, IA

(If you want to add your business to this list please contact me! 515-661-4303)

Everyone Will Love This




What is the minimum amount of players? It varies from 6-12 players. Our minimum rental requirement is 8 bubble balls.

What is the minimum age to play? Around 7 years old. Size is more important than age.

What do I wear?  You must wear fitness clothes and tennis shoes. No cleats.

Is the deposit refundable if we cannot attend? The deposit is non-fundable.

How do I pay the deposit? After you have confirmation of your date & time, Bounce will issue an invoice.

Is Bounce a sport played by guys and gals? Yup. 

Will the Bounce team teach us how to play?  The Bounce team will give you a run through of the game and be there to serve as Referee. We facilitate while you play.

How far will you travel for rentals?  We currently serve the Greater Des Moines, IA area (25 mile radius from our HQ). Beyond our radius will be charged a mileage fee of $0.60 per mile.